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How to Brew Cannabis Infused Tea

Before we get started in outlining an excellent recipe for brewing a potent and therapeutic cup of cannabis tea, we want to give you some background info that you might find useful. For numerous patients, drinking this easily prepared therapeutic tea offers a convenient and potentially healthier alternative to other methods of consumption such as smoking or eating. Also, because the THC is absorbed gradually through the digestive tract, rather than being immediately taken in through the lungs, the effects of the tea usually take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to manifest themselves. This also results in longer lasting effects, usually in the 4 to 8 hour range.

What You Will Need:

Cannabis – About .5 grams of your best buds, make sure you shred the bud to tiny pieces and flakes either by using a grinder or by cutting it up with a scissors. Do not smash it into a powder, just break it up to the size you would normally use when rolling a joint.

Butter – You can either use coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil, or regular butter. You'll need about half a teaspoon so that you can lightly coat your cannabis with it. Don't overdo it here and don't skip this step, because the THC attaches itself to the oils and fats in the butter so this step is critical for the brewing process.

2 Tea Bags – You can choose any type of tea you prefer. One tea bag will be used for flavor and the other one to take apart and replace its contents with your cannabis.

The Brewing Process:

Step 1: Take your second tea bag and trim it at the top with some scissors, don't cut it fully just make a gap large enough to be able to dump out the contents inside. After you've poured out the tea leaves, use a funnel, piece of paper, or your fingers to pour your cannabis in there.

Step 2: Coat the cannabis inside the tea bag with the butter or olive oil, making sure to only use a small enough amount to barely cover with a thin coat.

Step 3: Boil some water and then pour it into a mug.

Step 4: Drop both tea bags into the mug, and let them steep in the mug for anywhere from 7-10 minutes. You can add sugar, honey or milk if desired. When the water has cooled down enough you can start drinking your cannabis tea.

Although this recipe is simple, medical marijuana patients should pay careful attention to dosage and appreciate the delayed onset timeframe for this type of ingestion.